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Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240, …

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  • JACKERY EXPLORER 240: one of the Jackery Explorer family, is A transportable Power Station, features an AC-outlet, CarPort and USB-outputs. With its 240Wh Capability, it’s able to charging/powering multiple portable device to fulfill your needs on power when living an outdoor life.
  • EASY OUTDOOR LIFE: light and compact, it’s easily portable and lightest in its class at just 6.6 lbs and 5” wide and eight” tall, with a simple-carry handle for easy travel. It’s noise-free without vibration. And it hazes zero emissions, therefore does no harm to personal health, nor to the nature.
  • RECHARGED ANYWHERE: recharged under the sun with the Jackery 50W Solar Panel (sold separately) within 10-hrs (in full sun) while living outdoors; recharged from a CarPort within eight-hrs while living a van life; or from an AC wall outlet within eight-hrs.
  • POWER OUTDOORS: Plug in a mini coffee maker, mini-fridge, portable cooler and a good deal more. Now you can keep food fresh in coolers for a family cook-out at the campsite. Or keep your drinks cold and plug in a TV/Projector for tailgating before the big game or camping with friends. Or power your GoPro/camera to film your adventures when fishing, hunting, car-traveling, boating etc? Take Jackery Explorer 240 with you to power all your outdoor fun.


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