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Pro-Slice IC-610 Automatic Portion Slicer with Conveyor System – Pork Loin Demo 323-268-8514

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Posted on: February 12, 2019
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Regular Price: $108,200.00
Sale Price: $50,000.00 (As is Running)


An automatic slicing and portioning machines which includes a forward feed belt conveyor
This became a milestone for the meat processing industry where productivity and profitability is concerned
The unique concept of this portion cutter is based on automatic operation and reduces the single processing
Productivity is remarkably raised by the optimized processing and the perfected functionality, so the need of manpower is reduced
The belt could be loaded continuously during the cutting process with several products
After one cutting cycle the next product is forwarded automatically to the cutting chamber
The forward feed belt is available in different length
Especially designed gripper for the ejection of the remaining piece
Thanks to the retraction limitation, production times, depending on cutting length, can be reduced by as much as 25 %, increasing production accordingly
The retraction limitation equipment is optional, and can be retro-fitted at any time
Electromechanical drive
Integrated automatic start and search control for immediate starting of the cutting process
Up to 600 slices per minute
Min. slice thickness of 0.5 mm
Automatic distribution of the remaining slice
Out-feed conveyor; Stainless steel casing
Comfortable operator guidance via display
Structured surface
Adjustable gripper
Start up and search device
Distribution of remaining slice
Section program
Slicing singularized
Slicing shindled
Slicing in groups
Slicing step by step
Slicing continuous advance
Double blade operation
Automatic gripper
Pneumatic gripper for ejection of remaining piece
Automatic flap opener
Stainless steel covers
Maximum input length: 610 mm
Product cross section: 210 x 200 mm
O/A dims.: 273 x 330 x 150 mm
Connection load (other voltage upon request): 230/460 V / 50/60 Hz / 3 Ø; 6 HP
4 kW
Slice thickness: .50 – 10 mm
Demo Machine
Price does not include shipping cost

Automatic return limiter
Pre-selection program
Weight optimized slicing


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