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How They Roast Coffee In Costa Rica

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Posted on: February 22, 2021
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Anyone who knows me knows that I love my coffee so naturally, while in Monteverdi, home of some of the finest organic, shade-grown coffee in the world, I went on the Cafe Monteverdi coffee tour. Here’s the tour in a few sentences:
-trees start producing coffee “fruit” by three years (the photo is the fruit)
-fruit starts green, then red and then is picked
-the pit is the actual coffee bean
-the shell and fruit are used as composite for the next harvest
-the coffee bean is aged two months
-roasting is typically done in large rotating barrels with a gas flame below or smaller machines (as shown in the clip) are electronic and a worker must keep mixing
-the longer you cook the beans, the darker it gets (light, medium, dark, then espresso and finally French roast)
-our machine held five kilos and it took about 30 minutes for a medium roast

Add a bit of sugar and milk and you’re set to go! 🙂

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