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Posted on: February 11, 2021
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Originally posted by noidle22 View Post Damn, too late. The Sunbeam is a garbage machine, poor quality components and completely plastic internals. They usually last 2 years before developing serious water leaks.
They are not repairable due to no manufacturers parts support. It’s not actually a Sunbeam machine, they’re churned out of a Chinese factory then branded for different countries.
The Breville is a proven machine built with far better components. The grinder and brewing system is superior along with every other part of the machine.
Hopefully, Harvey Norman have a change of mind policy, I could not suggest strongly enough to take it back and get the Breville. I only need it to work for about 2 years by that time I will want a better one, at this time though it will do, if it lasts 2 years great, If I lose interest in making espresso in 2 year or less then its not a problem either. It would be a problem if I forked out 800 or 1000 bucks on an espresso machine and grinder and have iet sit there with lack of use after 2 years, if my lifestyle changes again and i am more active going to cafes again I give it about 2 years before the covid thing is over and I can enjoy the travel and spending time at cafe’s again
I think for now for the price it will do me, I am not expecting a long-lasting machine for the price. At the end of the day its still less money than the amount of cafe coffees I would have spent in a year lol. at 398 if it lasts 2 years thats 200 a year + maintenance and beans maybe 300 a year. rather than 1500 bucks a year I would have spent on cafe coffees every day for every year.

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